ABC calls streaming video a success

Anne Sweeney, Walt Disney co-chair of media networks and president of Disney-ABC TV, said ABC's streaming video experiment earlier this year on was a success for advertisers.

Now the network's streaming video activities will be engaged for real starting in October, after a successful two-month-long test that ended June 30.

Research showed users had 87 percent recall of particular advertisers, with a single advertiser supporting each program that streamed. The average recall of advertising on TV is about 24 percent.

The test results will be shared with ABC's affiliates. ABC will tweak some aspects of the site design, but Sweeney didn't reveal what aspects would change.

Shows such as “Lost” and “Commander in Chief” received 11 million downloads in the first four weeks of operation. The two-month-long test ended June 30.

ABC, Sweeney said, had used the streaming media test for three sets of research data that included “server information, focus groups and exit interviews.”