360 Systems releases Instant Replay for fast on-the-fly editing and playback

360 Systems is shipping its Instant Replay product, a self-contained production studio and spot player in a compact box. Creative teams load CD-quality audio directly onto its hard disk, trim the clips and play them back using its 50 hot keys. Ten different banks of clips are available, plus another 500 on disk.

With Instant Replay, users can build and store multiple playlists of audio clips in sequence, and store up to 24 hours of stereo on the internal hard drive. On-the-fly playback of sound effects is possible with integrated editing tools that do head and tail trims and add fade-ins and fade-outs, as well as gain changes. A built-in keyboard gives each cut a name and unique ID number.

For more information, visit www.360systems.com/docs/prod_ir_main.html