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Telemetrics Remote Control System Is a Key Player at MediaMix

Joseph Vargas
ALLENDALE, N.J.: MediaMix Studios is one of the largest video production facilities in northern New Jersey, Our New York-quality studios are outfitted with some of the most cutting-edge equipment anywhere, but we have a problem.

While our New Jersey clients appreciate having this production capability in their backyard, our New York clients expect prices that are significantly lower than what they find in Manhattan. For us, the trick is providing our clients with the very best facilities possible at a price that brings them in from both sides of the Hudson River. And it's gratifying to know that our clients tell us that we've succeeded in accomplishing this. We feel that the Telemetrics Coax/Fiber Link camera remote control system has been a significant part of our success.


When we designed our facility a few years ago, one important objective was to purchase equipment that provided good value both now and for the future. Instead of buying proprietary camera control gear, we purchased the Telemetrics system. With Telemetrics, when my current cameras are obsolete, I haven't lost my investment in the control system. If I should ever need to connect another brand of camera, it's just a matter of getting Telemetrics to supply some inexpensive cables.

With a single BNC connector and one fiber, we get all of the functionality of much more expensive solutions. The system handles power, genlock, tally, intercom, return audio and video, as well as providing full camera control.

As we do just as many multicamera location shoots as studio shoots, we installed the Telemetrics system in a rolling rack along with our HD switcher mainframe, timecode generator, audio monitor, and recorders.

When we're doing studio work, the racks are easily rolled into our main equipment room and connected to the studio facility. When we're doing something on-location, it's just as easy. For a four-camera field shoot, we simply disconnect five or six cables, put the front and back covers on the rolling rack, wheel it into the truck and take it along. Once we're there, the setup is as easy as unrolling the camera control cables and setting up the rest of the gear.


The Telemetrics system allows us to be fully operational within an hour. For producers working on a tight budget, our package is very cost-effective for location work, enabling them to do multicamera switching with camera control for about the same price as renting four cameras.

The Telemetrics system also provides an enhanced and cost-effective solution in the studio. Cameras can be monitored from a separate room, and additional equipment such as waveform and vector monitors can be used to remotely match those cameras. Intercom capability is already there too. It's a very versatile system for either studio or location applications.

The Telemetrics Coax/Fiber Link system is a useful tool that solved my New York-New Jersey problem. Now I can offer greater value to my clients by providing higher quality without a premium price.

Joseph Vargas is president of MediaMix Studios. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Telemetrics at 201-848-9818 or visit