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Sparrowhawk uses Pro-Bel Morpheus for file efficiency

Sparrowhawk Broadcast Services (SHBS), a playout and transmission service based in Englewood, CO, has turned to Pro-Bel in its pursuit of increased multichannel audio efficiency for a new master control facility. The aim was to be able to receive, store and retransmit single video channels with up to 16 separate audio channels, depending on which international region the content is being sent to.

"With our old system, this was accomplished by storing a separate copy of the video content with each different audio version. This was obviously a very inefficient method. Now we can ingest and store multiple audios for just one video," said Brett Pierce, SHBS director of engineering.

SHBS installed a four-channel Pro-Bel Morpheus automation and media management system, with three more scheduled for delivery. One channel now being played out from the system, KidsCo, has English, Hungarian, Russian and Polish all using the same video content. SHBS is also using Sirius routing technology from Pro-Bel.

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