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PBS Uses Video Clarity ClearView Analyzer to Test UHD

CAMPBELL, CALIF. – Video Clarity, a provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, is supplying PBS with its ClearView Extreme 4K video quality analyzer to test 4K video when processed with different encoding technologies. The results of the test will help PBS recommend production techniques for 4K origination and to understand the effects of 4K encoding technologies on program delivery.

One aspect that PBS is testing is new compression standards, like HEVC, which PBS is testing alongside codecs such as H.264, J2K and VP9 to determine the best approach for UHD delivery. With ClearView’s A-B split screen, PBS can do side-by-side comparisons of different compression codecs. PBS can make quality measurements throughout the processing chain, from origination through delivery, using different encoding methods at various bit rates, frame rates, and other variables.

ClearView also doubles as a remote testing technology. Operators can access the box anytime via VPN to perform remote tests.

Video Clarity is located in Campbell, Calif.