NAB Show 2013 wrap-up

This year's NAB Show has come and gone, and attendance increased compared to 2012. Now that you've had a month to digest it, let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below.

Who do you think had the best NAB 2013 booth? Did you get to swing by the booths of our 2013 Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit awards winners to check out their offerings?

4K was a big topic of interest at this year's show, and while OTA broadcast of 4K might be a few years away, plenty of companies are preparing the means to produce (and distribute) the content. Do you think 4K will fall away quickly, as stereo 3-D did?

In 2014, spectrum auctions in the U.S. will be looming in the future, and Tom Wheeler, the new FCC chairman will be running the show. For broadcasters, the 2014 NAB Show could present one last time to huddle before the auctions start.