The legal side of streaming video

You can't just put anything you want into the video stream. Contracts with content providers will be limited by the contracts you hold with them. Content you put on air is subject to copyright protection and you need to know the extent of all content licenses when streaming. Are there ways around this issue? 

Only if you are able to limit content to the exact parameters for which you are licensed. The FCC grants a broadcast license only over a limited area, not a world wide license. What you think is in the public domain in America may not be in the public domain in Germainy and Japan. 

Basically, copyright laws pertaining to music, musical recordings and other items will vary from country to country. To be absolutely safe, only stream original content, that is, content created in your own studios, or negotiate with the holders of copyrights for additional license. You cannot generally directly stream what you broadcast 24/7, unless you are an independent broadcaster that owns everything you broadcast. Also, what you send to the stream, you may also need to copyright. Of course, this is only one attorney's personal legal opinion; and you should check with your own counsel for specific advise on any area of the law because laws vary from state to state and country to country.