Don't eliminate the older workers

Keeping an older employee on your staff, or even hring an older person can actually save your company money. Why? Because if the older worker qualifies for social security, he or she also qualifies for medicare, and this means your company doesn't have to pay for medical insurance for this worker, because he or she already has it. 

You also get a more experienced worker, and when it comes to matters like RF and staying on air, this is a plus. Many older workers also are experienced in the Internet, are familiar with video streaming and other modern technologies (just ask them). These people probablyspend their free time reading equipment manuals, rather than tweeting. 

If you hire an older worker, you may also be able to hire that worker for less money because the worker is already established and also may have a second income; i.e., social security payments each month. 

So, think about these advantages before you replace that older worker with a younger person. Such steps may also hep avoid age discrimination complaints against your company. Tread softly and wisely when it comes to older workers. Penny D. Weigand, Esq. is the owner of Bellissima Publishing, LLC, and is an attorney.