Canon new camera's

Canon displayed their new DIGISUPER 27 and DIGISUPER 27AF HD studio lenses (models XJ27x6.5B IE-D and XJ27x6.5B AF, respectively) high end applications. Company officials pointed out that this lens incorporates almost 10 years of research and development on optics, lens coatings and mechanics for lens movement.

The lenses have a focal length of 6.5mm to 180mm. Other innovations in the studio lenses include a maximum servo-zoom speed of 0.5 seconds and a new optional remote-controllable macro-focus feature that allows the camera operator to perform macro focusing from the pan bar.

Focusing is one of the most difficult tasks for camera operators. Canon’s new autofocus technology provides the operator an adjustable window in the viewfinder that’s used to target the focusing process. Operators can change the window’s position and size by means of a miniature joystick on the camera handle’s focus servo control. An additional button provides three modes of operation:

Part-Time – actuates the autofocus system as long as a control button is depressed.

Full-Time – actuates the autofocus continually on selected moving objects such as racing cars (which might be speeding toward the camera position), or for shooting situations entailing full-servo robotic operation.

Off – allows for normal, unassisted lens focus.

Watch a video on Canon DIGISUPER 27AF HD lens on Broadcast Engineering TV.