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Televicentro automates their news production system with VSN

The TV broadcaster leader in Honduras, Televicentro, plans on launching their new high definition News Production Center by the end of May or beginning of June.

Pioneering the HD introduction in Honduras, Televicentro is preparing the transition. 'Our idea is to consolidate in one single step the move from analogue to digital and the transition towards HD in one single step', states Rafael Villeda, Executive VP of Televicentro. 'That's why we decided to move towards HD production first'.

For their HD News Production, Televicentro entrusted VSN with the full management of their workflow, which includes a 4-channel automation system (vsnmulticom), an automated ingest solution (vsnautorec), a 4-In/8-Out video server, 15 clients for their newsroom and a compliance recording system for their four main channels. All of it based on VSN's storage and network architecture, thus guaranteeing a full integration of their systems with other third-party solutions and technology such as Sony and Miranda. The new full HD News Center is part of the expansion that Televicentro plans on developing in other areas of the channel.

The technological change in Latin America demands solutions in every field. VSNlogo_vsn.jpg

is actively working on the area in order to cover these needs and, thanks to the close cooperation with their dealers, has already participated in several relevant projects such as Televicentro.