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NTC Presents Briefing on Emerging and Turbulent Technologies at NAB2008

GLENDALE CA, April 15, 2008--National TeleConsultants (NTC), the world leader in strategic technology consulting and engineering design services for the broadcast and media industry, presented an exclusive “State of the Industry 2008® briefing this morning at the 2008 NAB Conference on a series of critical topics facing today‘s media professionals. Presented by NTC Chief Technology Officer Eric Pohl, and NTC Consultants Michael Sterling and Joey Faust, the “State of the Industry 2008® briefing examined seven specific areas, including: the transition to digital cinema, the challenge of metadata collection and usage, the importance of social networking, professional open source media software, the rise of mobile television in the United States, the explosion of digital content distribution formats and methods, and recent advances in high-resolution consumer display technologies.

“NTC recognizes that the media industry is in a unique position to capitalize on emerging digital acquisition, production, and distribution technologies that herald a new era of opportunity and risk,” notes NTC Managing Partner Chuck Phelan. “Failure to acknowledge this changing landscape could render many contemporary media enterprises obsolete in just a few years. Given the urgency of this situation, NTC chose the occasion of the 2008 NAB, the broadcast and media industry‘s most important annual North American conference and equipment exhibition, to alert professionals to these critical issues.”

“NTC is the thought-leader in media technology and the evolution of media business strategy,” continues Phelan. “NTC consultants have contributed to many of the world‘s foremost media facilities and provide unique perspective into how technology trends impact the modern media landscape. NTC provides a full range of consultative services to its clients, including business strategy, workflow, operational assessment, and systems design and engineering. It is crucial that all parties involved fully examine these emerging and turbulent technologies, which present not only unprecedented challenges but also tremendous new opportunities for growth and expansion.”

About National TeleConsultants: National TeleConsultants (NTC) is the United States‘ largest independent media systems consulting, design, and implementation firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York. NTC specializes in strategic technology consulting, media-related facility design and engineering, and systems integration. For more information, visit