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All-Pro Detroit Lion Lomas Brown and Sennheiser Help Illuminate Potential Career Paths for Detroit’s Inner City High School Kids

DETROIT – August 8, 2011: Late last month, audio specialist Sennheiser was invited to join seven time All Pro lineman Lomas Brown at his free annual linebacker’s football camp. The camp, which featured firsthand instruction from Lomas Brown and other accomplished NFL and college athletes, was attended by 150 Detroit-based high school linebackers and featured a dedicated broadcast booth set up by Sennheiser.

In addition to gaining valuable instruction on how to be an effective linebacker, each child was given the opportunity to participate in the taping of a mock sports broadcast, providing them with real-world experience and a first hand glimpse into the world of professional sports careers off the field. Each child who participated in the broadcast activity was given a free pair of Sennheiser headphones and a certificate of completion.

“You can always dream, but until somebody puts the opportunity right in front of you, you just never know it's there,” Brown commented. “Our camp helps these kids develop their skills and to become productive adults in their communities. By having Sennheiser participate with the broadcast bootcamp, we were able to show kids another side of sports – they know it’s within their reach and that they can accomplish this.”

The Sennheiser broadcast booth offered the opportunity for kids to participate in several broadcast roles including on-air talent, cameraman, slate operator and producer. The experiences gave them a deeper appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes during sports broadcasting.

“We are grateful to Lomas Brown for including Sennheiser in what was a very special event,” commented Eric Palonen, product specialist at Sennheiser. “We were able to provide a high level introduction to broadcasting for most of these kids, and hopefully we made a lasting and positive impact on their lives.”

Donovan Wilson, a senior at Detroit’s Western International High School, commented: “The experience at this camp has been great. If I can get into college, I would love to be a linebacker or get into professional sports broadcasting. I am a huge sports fan and love what Sennheiser is doing.”