LAS VEGAS, APRIL 11, 2011 ― Globalstor Data Corporation, a premier OEM integrator of high-performance RAID, SAN and storage/video servers, is pleased to announce that its ExtremeStor-DI video storage and playback system will once again be powering Bluefish444’s (NAB Booth SL3809) powerful Epoch 2K Horizon video processing card demonstration at this year’s NAB show.

The demonstration will feature content generated by ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH Data Process Solution and post-production software along with NVIDIA Quadro 6000 SDI by PNY professional graphics boards, and will showcase uncompressed 2K end-to-end capture, color grading and playback. NAB attendees will be able to witness firsthand the extraordinary processing power of the Bluefish444 Epoch 2K Horizon, complimented by the superb color-grading and DI content toolset of the SCRATCH software and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 6000 SDI graphics card. Bluefish444 will deploy the latest generation of Globalstor’s 10-drive ExtremeStor-DI tower for data capture, processing and real-time playback of high-resolution 2K video content processed by the Epoch 2K Horizon multichannel 2K PCIE video card.

”The beauty of the ExtremeStor-DI system is its ability to process 2K and other high-resolution content so seamlessly, in real time, so it was the ideal hardware component for these demonstrations,” says Craige Mott, managing director, Bluefish444. “Combined with the ASSIMILATE SCRATCH software and the BlueFish Epoch 2K Horizon, we are able to demonstrate the full, real-world processing capabilities of the entire system.”

The latest generation of Globalstor’s ExtremeStor-DI video storage and playback workstation offers native, uncompressed 4K, stereoscopic 2K and R3D (RED 3D) resolution playback in a single solution, either in a rack-mount or tower configuration, along with 10 PCI Express (PCI-E) card slots.

“We are thrilled to once again partner with Bluefish444 and ASSIMILATE for this demonstration at the 2011 NAB Show, which will showcase the video processing technology of Bluefish444’s Epoch card and the high-content capacity of our ExtremeStor-DI product,” says Scott Leif, president of Globalstor Data Corporation. “The latest broadcast trend towards 3D content has given the industry an increased need for high-resolution storage technology. NAB has proven to be the perfect venue for illustrating how these systems would work in an actual 3D, DI workflow situation.”

With ExtremeStor-DI base model capacity starting at just under 2.5TBs and scalable up to 72TBs in a single 6U rackmount, the cost per megabyte is at an all-time low, making the ExtremeStor series of video storage desktop, tower and rackmount servers the most attractive ROI for the digital intermediate and digital cinema marketplace today.