Axcera Has New Products for DTS, Mobile TV

In the wake of the Nov. 4 FCC order approving Distributed Transmission Systems to enhance the reach of DTV, Axcera has announced a fresh portfolio of products for that technology, as well as for mobile DTV.

DTS uses multiple transmitters operating on the same frequency in a single-frequency network (SFN). The technology is expected to help stations cover “dark areas” missed by their main DTV signals, and will also help build out mobile TV networks. The ATSC M/H (mobile/handheld) standard is expected to be adopted in 2009.

The enhanced product line includes:

•The Axciter (Axcera DTV exciter), available in a standard ATSC version, as a DTS “slave” exciter, and now as an ATSC M/H compatible exciter, all in the same hardware platform, making any transmitter compatible with both DTS and the expected ATSC M/H (mobile handheld) standard.
•The Axcera Distributed Transmission Adapter (DTxA), allowing DTS operation by adding SFN timing and synchronization information to the transport stream at the studio/headend.
•A complete line of transmitters and lower-power low-delay, echo-canceling gap fillers, which repeat the on-channel signal in small “gaps” in the coverage area.

“We applaud the FCC for their action to fully authorize DTS,” said Axcera President David Neff. “Results from the Wilmington, N.C., tests have convincingly demonstrated that it will be necessary for many broadcasters to enhance their digital TV transmissions in order to effectively serve their coverage area, and DTS is a highly effective technology to improve digital TV coverage without any additional spectrum utilization. Axcera offers the gamut of DTS products and experience to help broadcasters achieve the full benefits of DTS, as well as a seamless migration path to mobile TV transmission based upon the ATSC M/H standard.”