RadioShack to Market Itself as 'The Shack'

In advertising, soon RadioShack will call itself the polite version of what engineers have always called the store: The Shack.

And apparently the public calls it ‘The Shack’ too, so the company is capitalizing on that, according to Chief Marketing Officer Lee Applbaum. “Our customers, associates and even the investor community have long referred to RadioShack as 'The Shack,' so we decided to embrace that fact and share it with the world."

While the company is known for cables, parts and batteries, you’ll see more of a focus on on mobility and wireless products in the new advertising, according to Applbaum.

The company is ‘contemporizing’ the way it wants people to think of the brand, he added, rather than actually changing the official name of the company. But there's no shortage of opposition from the blogosphere.

More details are in this press release.