Hybrid MC Launches SILVER Robotic Camera Head

Lightweight Robotic Head is First in a New Range of Production Tools

PARIS -- July 3, 2007 -- Hybrid MC, the award-winning broadcast graphics solutions provider, announced today that the company will launch SILVER, a new compact robotic camera head, at IBC2007. Designed for a range of applications including reality television, parliamentary and conference coverage, sports, and virtual studio programming, SILVER establishes a new benchmark for robotic cameras, making broadcast-quality production available for the first time at a competitive price point.

SILVER's compact size and light weight make it suitable for video and film cameras up to 12 kilos (26 pounds) in weight, and ideal for use with tripods, cranes, or wall-mounted equipment. SILVER complements Hybrid MC's TITANIUM robotic camera head and is compatible with the COBALT camera controller and new MERCURY software controller.

When used for virtual studio applications as part of a Hybrid MC system, SILVER delivers zero-latency performance, avoiding the audio and video delay common in other virtual studio systems.

"SILVER is the first in a line of new products that marks Hybrid MC's evolution from a virtual studio specialist into a company providing a range of graphics and production solutions," said Olivier Cohen, marketing and development manager for Hybrid MC. "This new robotic head delivers the precision and quality that make it suitable for the most sophisticated virtual studio broadcasts, but it is also compact and cost-effective for simple robotic camera applications in many other types of broadcasting."

In addition to the SILVER robotic camera head, Hybrid MC also will be building on its real-time rendering expertise to launch a suite of graphics production authoring tools in the near future and in response to the demands of many broadcasters. Cohen expects this new graphics suite to be available in 2008.

For more information on the SILVER robotic camera head or other Hybrid MC solutions, visit www.hybrid-mc.com.

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About Hybrid MC

Hybrid MC develops and markets innovative software and hardware for the broadcast industry. From its core specialty as a leading virtual studio solutions provider, Hybrid MC has developed a range of robotic camera products suitable for general applications, and powerful 3D graphics software for real-time broadcast use. Hybrid MC has a global base of leading broadcast customers, and is based in Paris, France. More information is available at www.hybrid-mc.com.

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