Camera dynamics

There was plenty to see at my booth visit with the Vitec Group, which is comprised of Sachtler, Vinten, Vinten Radamec, OConnor, and Petrol Bags.

One really cool new product is Sachtler’s SOOM, a multifunctional camera support system for Mini DV to HDV camcorders. The - system is composed of three parts: a center column, a tripod and a spreader. I think the benefit of this product is that it’s a one-stop shop, so to speak. It has four configurations:

- The system can be used as a tripod with a 75mm bowl, ready to be mated to a Sachtler FSB or other fluid head. In this configuration, the SOOM TriPod features single-stage legs providing a vertical height range from 27in to 56in.

- For more height, it transforms into the HiPod via its integrated center column, the SOOM Tube, capable of telescoping vertically to a variable lens height of over 8ft.

- For going low, the TriSpread mid-level spreader sports its own 75mm bowl. When it is removed from the standard tripod, it becomes a single-stage baby tripod with a height range of 8in to 19in.

- Lastly, there is also a monopod configuration. The telescoping center column, the SOOM Tube, quickly removes from the tripod to function as a monopod, sporting a height range from 34in to 62in. A fold-away foot bracket allows the operator to firmly secure its base to the floor.

This system can be used in the studio or on-location, and it’s easy to transport.

Also new was the Vinten Radamec Fusion FH100 robotic and manual head, designed for use as a standalone system or for integration with the Fusion FP145 robotic pedestal and the Fusion FBH175 bolt-on height drive. With a payload of up to 55kg, it can be used in either manual or robotic mode.

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