Sonnet Technologies 2011 BVE Show Preview

BVE Preview

Sonnet Technologies

Exhibiting With Holdan LTD in Stand I10

Sonnet Technologies

8 Autry

Irvine, CA 92618-2708 USA

Tel: +1 949 587 3500

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Sonnet Contact:

Martin Muggee

Marketing Communications Manager

Tel: +1 949 587 3500


Sonnet International Contact:

Jolanda Blum

International Business Development Manager

Tel: +44 7771 93 47 84


Agency Contact:

Michael Kroll

Wall Street Communications

Tel: +1 919 803 3770


Sonnet Technologies at BVE 2011:

At BVE 2011, Sonnet Technologies will showcase several innovative products that cater to the storage and workflow needs of A/V professionals in the broadcast industry. Located in stand I10, Sonnet will highlight products from its Fusion(TM) line of high-performance storage solutions, including the Fusion RX1600Fibre video editing shared storage system, and the rugged Fusion F3 2-drive RAID storage system. Also on display will be Sonnet's Qio(TM) line of professional universal media reader/writers for multicamera support, which includes the Qio MR for desktop PC users and the cost-effective Qio E3. In addition to these storage solutions, Sonnet will also be showcasing its SDHC(TM) adapter for SxS Camera Slot, which enables the use of Class 10 and faster SDHC memory cards in place of SxS media cards in Sony XDCAM camcorders. Sonnet's Memory Card Reader & Writer ExpressCard(R)/34 adapter with SDXC(TM) card support will also be on display. The adapter allows for the use of extended-capacity cards designed for the latest high-megapixel digital cameras and digital video camcorders.

New Sonnet Products at BVE 2011:

Qio(TM) Professional Universal Media Reader/Writer

Sonnet's Qio(TM) professional universal media reader/writer is a convenient, cost-effective alternative to stand-alone card readers. Featuring dual P2, SxS(TM), and CompactFlash(R) slots, it can transfer data from two cards concurrently, enabling users to offload files more quickly and efficiently. An included adapter handles SDXC(TM) cards. Qio moves files between any cards, attached drives, or host computer with aggregate bandwidth up to 200 MB/sec. For quick migration of data, Qio integrates a four-port eSATA controller based on Sonnet's Tempo(TM) SATA E4P SATA host controller card, allowing users to connect up to four eSATA drive enclosures for access to as many as 20 SATA drives.

Qio connects to its host computer through an included interface adapter (ExpressCard(R)/34 for notebooks, PCIe for desktops). The adapter extends the PCIe bus outside the computer, effectively adding external expansion slots. The reader/writer's SxS slots also support ExpressCard/34 adapter cards, including Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, USB, FireWire(R), and more, while the P2 slots accept CardBus adapters. Qio effectively sextuples the number of expansion card slots available to notebook users, while desktop users may swap adapter cards without opening their computer case.

Qio(TM) MR -- For desktop PC users, Sonnet's Qio(TM) MR provides all the capabilities and advantages of the original Qio that Mac(R) users have come to appreciate in an easy-to-install, Windows(R)-compatible package. The Sonnet Qio MR supports the industry's foremost HD video memory card formats with two slots for each and the ability to transfer data from all cards concurrently. Designed for in-studio use, the compact Qio MR takes up one standard 5.25-inch mobile rack in desktop and tower PC cases, and it uses one PCIe x1 slot.

Qio(TM) E3 -- For users who do not require the full feature set of the Qio(TM), Sonnet's cost-effective Qio E3 enables them to receive the functionality they need without paying for the features they don't. The E3 is a 3-slot SxS(TM) reader that doubles as a 3-slot bus expansion system for ExpressCard(R)/34 adapters. Designed for both in-studio and on-location use, the E3 features a rugged, compact case with the same footprint as the original Qio, but with half the profile.

Fusion(TM) R400QR5 Rackmount SATA Storage Systems With Quad Interface

The Fusion(TM) R400QR5 rackmount four-drive storage system features an internal RAID controller that supports RAID 5 formatting for high performance with data protection, and RAID 0 for maximum capacity. Available in 2, 4, 6, or 8TB configurations, the R400QR5 delivers data transfers up to 225 MB/sec read and 175 MB/sec write with its drives configured as a RAID 5 set. The unit offers a choice of four interfaces for extra flexibility -- eSATA for maximum throughput, FireWire(R) 800 for medium speed, and FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 for convenience -- and requires only a single cable connection between the storage system and computer, simplifying setup and cutting cable clutter.

Fusion(TM) F3 RAID Storage System

The Fusion(TM) F3 is a rugged hardware RAID storage system that encloses a pair of high-performance 3.5-inch 2TB SATA drives in a stylish aluminum and steel case. The unit fits equally well in recording studios, high-end A/V racks, mobile television trucks, and desktop or portable video editing systems. Each of the Fusion F3's drives is mounted side by side on its own multi-point shock-isolation sled to virtually eliminate vibration-related problems such as cross-coupled vibration -- a potential source of soft-error-induced skipped frames in video capture and playback. The rack-mountable Fusion F3 measures 1U high, a half-rack wide, and just 14.25 inches deep, and boasts all the features demanded by audio and video professionals. It is fast, rugged, and whisper-quiet and offers the flexibility of a quad interface and the convenience of an integrated power supply.

The Fusion F3 can be configured to be fast (RAID 0), safe (RAID 1), or JBOD (Just a Bunch of Drives), and its OS independence enables use with virtually any computer or device. The system's quad interface provides the user with an eSATA interface for maximum speed, FireWire(R) 800 for medium speed, and FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 for flexibility. Connected via eSATA with its drives initialized as a RAID 0 set, the Sonnet Fusion F3 can sustain read/write transfer rates of up to 200 MB/sec, fast enough to support multiple streams of compressed video editing. Dual temperature-controlled fans with automatic failover further ensure system reliability.

Company Background:

Sonnet Technologies Inc. is a leader in providing storage systems for professional users of Macintosh(R), Windows(R), and UNIX(R) systems in the film, video, and broadcast industries. Sonnet has pioneered and brought to market innovative solutions that enhance the performance and connectivity of Macintosh and industry-standard computers. The company's product line features a range of high-performance, cost-effective, and reliable desktop and rackmount RAID storage solutions ranging from four-drive units with quad interfaces, to eight- and 16-drive solutions with internal SAS expanders, to 16-drive Fibre Channel shared storage systems. More information is available at


"At BVE 2011, we will be demonstrating several innovative solutions for the broadcast market that dramatically improve workflow efficiency and cut costs, from video editing storage and highly versatile RAID systems to universal media reader/writers for multicamera workflow support. In addition, we'll be showcasing user-friendly adapters that allow A/V professionals to incorporate faster memory cards and the latest high-megapixel digital cameras and digital video camcorders easily into their workflow." – Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Sonnet Technologies.


Qio(TM) Professional Universal Media Reader/Writer

Qio(TM) MR

Qio(TM) E3

Fusion(TM) R400QR5 Rackmount SATA Storage System With Quad Interface

Fusion(TM) F3 RAID Storage System


Qio(TM) Professional Universal Media Reader/Writer

Fusion(TM) R400QR5 Rackmount SATA Storage System

Fusion(TM) F3 RAID Storage System