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Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics Ally With Comlabs to Deliver Advanced EAS Capabilities

Digital Alert Systems' DASDEC(TM)-II and Monroe Electronics' One-Net(TM) Units Are the First Authorized Integrated CAP Receivers and EAS Encoder/Decoders for Comlabs' EMnet System

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. -- March 30, 2011 -- Digital Alert Systems (DAS) and parent company Monroe Electronics, leading innovators of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and Emergency Alert Systems (EAS), today announced a strategic alliance with Communications Laboratories, Inc. (Comlabs) that ensures full interoperability of the Comlabs Emergency Management Network (EMnet) satellite messaging system with the DAS DASDEC(TM)-II and Monroe Electronics One-Net(TM) emergency alert management products.

"Over its long history in this industry, Monroe Electronics has demonstrated integrity, an understanding of the marketplace, and the ability to develop and market advanced solutions with success," said Comlabs CEO Roland Lussier. "Our alliance with Monroe Electronics and DAS allows us to combine the power and redundancy of EMnet with the strength and versatility of the DASDEC and One-Net product lines in a seamless end-to-end solution with the most advanced capabilities available. EMnet-equipped DASDEC or One-Net users will be able to take full advantage of EMnet while ensuring both FCC compliance and FEMA compatibility."

Through successful integration and testing, the DASDEC-II and One-Net CAP EAS units have become the first authorized integrated CAP receivers and EAS encoder/decoders for the Comlabs EMnet system, providing full support for both CAP and EMnet's advanced network monitoring and control capabilities. As a result, Comlabs users now have several options for upgrading to an FCC-compliant CAP-EAS device. Television and radio broadcasters may select from the DASDEC-II, DASLC, or DASLC-R products, and cable operations may select the R-189 One-Net. Existing DASDEC or One-Net unit users have the option of integrating their systems with EMnet.

"This alliance represents a paradigm shift in public alert and warning, enabling unified, interoperable EAS communications that will transform EAS capabilities for state and local emergency mangers, broadcasters, and cable operators," said Edward Czarnecki, senior director for strategy, development, and regulatory affairs for Monroe Electronics. "Through our alliance with Comlabs, we're enabling the broadcast and cable communities to achieve compliance with mandated CAP EAS requirements while gaining all the functionality of the EMnet system."

Comlabs' EMnet is the industry's leading satellite-based communication and warning system. It is unique in offering message assurance, a series of acknowledgements that confirm that messages have been received, properly decoded, and taken to air. Used by emergency managers, broadcasters, and first responders, EMnet provides flexible, secure, survivable communication capabilities and the most advanced features available in both conventional and CAP-based EAS networks. EMnet is the largest satellite communication and CAP-based warning system in North America.

Monroe Electronics' newly updated R-189 One-Net SE (second edition) analog/digital EAS encoder/decoder provides cable TV operations with an all-in-one system for ensuring compliance with FCC emergency alert guidelines. A cost-effective solution for both analog and digital EAS alert distribution, the R-189 One-Net SE features a built-in character generator and optional integrated MPEG encoding, as well as nonvolatile memory for the storage of thousands of EAS alerts, integrated support for both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats, and optional support for up to four Ethernet ports, which allows cable providers to reserve a port for an IP-based CAP connection, separate from existing video and data networks.

The DAS DASDEC-II emergency messaging platform is an IP-based, CAP-compatible digital EAS encoder/decoder. The system includes a standard browser-based interface for remote monitoring and control, up to four Ethernet ports for multiple access points within a station, integrated support for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 output, and support for a broad range of interface protocols and third-party products, as well as complete FCC-compliance logging within the system's non-volatile memory or network storage. DASDEC-II is available in a variety of configurations, ranging from low-cost, decoder-only setups to sophisticated multichannel centralcasting messaging requirements.

Comlabs' 2,000+ U.S. installations across 14 states, the large installed base of Monroe Electronics systems in cable operations, and the significant deployment of DAS systems in radio and broadcast TV facilities give the three companies an extensive nationwide reach as they engage at the technology, marketing, and resale levels to drive new product opportunities.

Information about Monroe Electronics' EAS products is available by phone at +1 (585) 765-2254 and online at Information about DAS' EAS products is available by phone at +1 (585) 765-1155 and online at Information about Comlabs' EMnet is available by phone +1 (321) 409-9898 and online at

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About Communications Laboratories, Inc.

Comlabs is a trusted provider of communication equipment and managed network solutions for government telecommunications, public warning, and emergency response. The company's strong commitment to product development, quality workmanship, and customer service has solidified its status as a respected market leader for the past 26 years. More information is available at

About Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems

Monroe Electronics has been pioneering electrostatic discharge (ESD) instrumentation and other electronic solutions for more than 50 years. Today, the company offers a complete line of electrostatic measuring instruments including electrostatic voltmeters, electrostatic fieldmeters, coulomb meters, and resistivity meters, as well as emergency alert systems (EAS) that are the widely accepted standard for CATV operators. The 2009 merger of Digital Alert Systems into the Monroe family reinforced the company's leadership in providing proven emergency alert management solutions to the broadcast radio and television markets. Today, DAS is a leading innovator of next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and EAS. Both Monroe Electronics ( and DAS ( are based in Lyndonville, N.Y., and deliver solutions through a worldwide network of distributors and representatives.

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