FCC Releases List of 'Significantly Viewed' Stations for SHVERA

February 15, 2005
The Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act of 2004 (SHVERA) allows satellite carriers to offer FCC-determined significantly viewed signals of out-of-market broadcast stations to DBS subscribers. SHVERA requires the FCC to "publish and maintain a list of stations and communities eligible for significantly viewed status, and commence a rulemaking proceeding to implement SHVERA, both within 60 days of the bill s enactment. Significantly viewed signals have significant over-the-air noncable viewing in a particular community."

The FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FCC-05-24) listing stations and communities eligible for significantly viewed status. It also establishes subscriber eligibility to receive the significantly viewed signals and satellite carriers' responsibilities in offering it, defines the requirements for significantly viewed status and explains how a station may qualify for it.

For more information, see the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FCC-05-24) or the FCC News Release FCC Takes Steps Toward Implementation of SHVERA.

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