Boston's WBZ-TV Monitors With Volicon Observer

April 13, 2007
CBS station WBZ-TV in Boston is purchasing a Volicon Observer system to enable monitoring for three stations: WBZ-TV, WSBK-TV, and WLWC-TV serving Providence, R.I.

WBZ-TV has previously been a beta site for the Observer system, running the Volicon system alongside its VHS-based system. WBZ-TV staff members use the Observer system to log broadcasts and search, retrieve, analyze, and export video clips with metadata, locally or remotely using Microsoft Internet Explorer. All three stations run out of the same facility.

Volicon's Observer system is based on a proprietary streaming video engine and player. The system archives instantly accessible content for up to a year via hardware RAID-5 storage. Its export functionality provides for internal asset sharing or repurposing for external distribution via the Web or other platform. The system also offers a real-time link to ratings data.

"As a beta site for the Observer, WBZ-TV has provided valuable feedback that has helped our refinement and continued development of the product," said Julius Perl, vice president of marketing at Volicon. "We're pleased to see the project come to a successful conclusion with the implementation of Observer across three channels."

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