Bonnemaison Using Panasonic P2s

December 28, 2007
The Baltimore-based Bonnemaison Inc. television production and post-production company is now using Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD camcorders in its workflow.

To date, Bonnemaison has been shooting corporate video, as well as a 15-minute comic feature set in the Bahamas.

“We were early adopters of both the HVX200 and the HPX2000, and we love the P2 workflow,” said Brooks Moore, director of photography and one of the founders of Bonnemaison. “The HVX200 is a terrific tool, but Bonnemaison’s calling card is top-quality acquisition, and we needed a full-size production camera with higher-end chips and interchangeable 2/3-inch lenses, a VariCam camera but tapeless. In short, we were ready for the HPX2000.”

Moore said that since its feature “Pudgy: A Bahamian Parable” was shot on location at Nassau beaches, the solid-state recording media relieved any concerns that he had about getting sand into a conventional video recorder. He also praised the quick replay of scenes available with the AJ-HPX2000.

“Pudgy” was shot in 1080p/24 and edited with Final Cut Studio 2.

Bennemaision was established in 2000 by Moore and Marl Bonnemaison.

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