A-T Offers 700 MHz Wireless Mic Trade-In

March 13, 2009
Audio-Technica has set up a 700 MHz trade-in program to encourage wireless users to move out of the 700 MHz spectrum.

While the FCC had proposed requiring wireless microphone users to vacate the spectrum by Feb. 17, 2009, it has yet to adopt final rules. Most of this 700 MHz spectrum has been auctioned for uses incompatible with wireless microphones and it is only a matter of time until owners of 700 MHz wireless systems will have to move. Continued operation would not only be illegal but could also cause interference to new spectrum tenants, including public safety agencies.

The program provides owners of A-T's discontinued 7000 Series, U100 and 1400 Series wireless microphone 700 MHz systems with a 15 percent rebate on the purchase of any new A-T products from authorized Audio-Technica U.S. dealers with the exchange of 700 MHz receivers. A-T said there is no limit on the condition or age of wireless products qualified for the rebate. Receivers must be received by Sept. 30, 2009 to qualify for rebates which are good through the end of the year.

Audio-Technica makes wireless systems that operate below 700 MHz, as well as its SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband wireless microphone system that was introduced two years ago and operates in the 6 GHz range.

For information on how to apply for the rebate see the Audio-Technica.com web site. Competitor Shure Pro Audio announced a 700 MHz system rebate program in December, 2008.

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