“Alice in Wonderland” is Coming to an NAB Show Near You

March 17, 2010
AliceWASHINGTON: “Alice in Wonderland,” the 3D feature film starring Johnny Depp, will appear in clip form at the NAB’s Content Theater during the upcoming trade show in Vegas. The presentation will include “behind-the-scenes details on the advancements in 3D entertainment from the filmmakers of Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and executives from ESPN;s upcoming stereoscopic 3D network,” the NAB said.

Sessions featuring 3D footage from the film and from ESPN’s developing 3D network will be presented during the April trade show, though specific dates and times were not provided.

“‘Alice in Wonderland:’ Turning Fantasy into Motion Picture Reality,” will include Art Repola, executive vice president of visual effects and production for The Walt Disney Studios; Ken Ralston, multi Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor for the film; Corey Turner, stereographer for the film; and Tom Peitzman, co-producer/visual effects producer for the film.

“ESPN: Scoring a Field Goal in S3D Sports,” will feature Anthony Bailey, vice president emerging technologies for ESPN; Phil Orlins, coordinating producer for the ESPN X Games; Vince Pace, CEO, cinematographer and founder of Pace Video; and Bob Toms, vice president of production enhancements for ESPN’s interactive TV.

The 2010 NAB Show is on tap for April 10-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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