New Cheetahs Prowl PESA Booth

March 30, 2006
PESA will unveil several new versions of its Cheetah router line as well as new products from FortelDTV, the Duluth, Ga.-based company recently acquired by its parent company Qustream.

PESA is touting the new Cheetah 1024XR system as the industry's first 1024x1024 system that can fit in two equipment racks. The company achieved the new two-rack system by adding an on-board distribution circuit into each 1024x512 frame. Each 41RU frame allows for low-power consumption, N+1 power, and dual internal control. Systems support high-quality signal routing for SDI, HD and ASI in either coax or fiber I/O.

The Cheetah 512XR will also be introduced at the show. The 512XR can be configured to 512x512, non-expandable 1024x128, or 512x256 with fully redundant crosspoints in just 27RU. Other features include low-power consumption, SDI, ASI, and HD-SDI support, internal fiber I/Os and optional built-in conversion cards that reduce the space required for high-quality signal distribution.

Other new features for the PESA Cheetah routers include new fiber input and output card options based on low-cost SFP (small-form factor pluggable) modules, which offer affordable HD for applications demanding superior quality signals over long distances. A new CWDM card for Cheetah supports up to 16 channels of HD-SDI over a single fiber cable.

A new audio router has been added to the Cheetah line. Fully compatible with Dolby-E, the router supports both synchronous and asynchronous signals and sample rates up to 96 kHz. It's available in a base unit of 64x64 in 1RU or 128x128 in 2RU, and expandable to 2048x2048 in 36RU.

PESA will also show new conversion cards from FortelDTV: the UDC550 HD up/down/crossconversion card and the FS-550 HD frame synchronizer with optional legalizer and color corrector functions. The cards fit in either the FRM-503 4RU chassis or the FRM-501 1RU chassis.

PESA will be in Booth SU1370.

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