WNUV-TV installs Ai Quantum transmitter

WNUV's new Ai four-tube e2v water-cooled ESCIOT equipped analog transmitter has saved the station thousands of dollars.

Dramatic power cost savings using the first depressed collector IOT equipped transmitter to be placed into analog service have been confirmed at WNUV-TV (WB 54) in Baltimore, MD.

WNUV installed an Ai (Acrodyne Industries) four-tube e2v water-cooled ESCIOT equipped analog transmitter in the late spring of 2004. The Ai Quantum replaced a 240kW pulsed five klystron transmitter of the same power rating.

A direct comparison of power bills for the month of July 2004 to July 2003 showed that the cost of operating the new transmitter at the same output power as the old unit was reduced by more than 62 percent, saving the station more than $28,000 per month.

A preliminary analysis indicates annualized savings of almost $340,000, representing a three and a half-year payback period from the power cost savings. When taking the cost of replacing only four tubes instead of five tubes into consideration, the transmitter pays for itself in approximately three years or less.

For more information, visit: www.acrodyne.com.

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