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U.S. and Canada Draft Spectrum Sharing Agreements

The FCC has reached an agreement with Industry Canada on spectrum sharing along the U.S.-Canada border. The announcement did not mention any agreement on repacking TV channels or wireless broadband use of current TV channels near the border. One of the three agreements, “Arrangement V” covers fixed service spectrum sharing in the 71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz, 92-94 GHz and 94.1-95 GHz bands.

Another agreement is a “Statement of Intent” allowing for THE creation of a nationwide digital system covering the sharing and coordination of spectrum for the establishment and operation of general air-ground services. The frequencies involved are 454.6625-454.98975 MHz and 459.6625-459.9875 MHz.

The last agreement is “Arrangement U”, covering the 896-901 MHz and 935-940 MHz bands used by the Specialized Mobile Radio Services and business/industrial radio services primarily for voice communications. Arrangement U governs sharing and coordination of these services within 100 km of the common border and will simply the criteria for permitting secondary users in the band, enabled more efficient use of the spectrum while protecting primary users.

The announcement hinted a larger agreement was in the work, perhaps one covering the UHF TV frequencies, when it stated, “Because Arrangement U may become part of a larger treaty or replacement agreement governing services operating above 30 MHz, the operational provisions of Arrangement U will be applied on an interim basis pending further review by legal officers.”

The arrangements and exchange of letters can be viewed here.