Unity Telecom to launch broadband TV service with Entone FusionTV

Unity Telecom has selected the EntoneFusionTV system to launch a broadband TV service that unites live HDTV programming and cloud-based services.

The broadband TV model being deployed does not require proprietary head-end equipment and market-by-market retransmission agreements. Entone's FusionTV service aligns service operators and broadcasters with existing FCC regulations. FusionTV also prevents conflicts with broadcasters by allowing operators to embrace the popularity of free-to-air (FTA) programming.

Unity Telecom will distribute Entone's FusionTV service through its nationwide network of more than 3500 retail locations, offering consumers a new broadband TV service model that combines live HDTV programs via free-to-air distribution and full DVR capabilities. With FusionTV, Unity Telecom will also be able to offer cloud-based media services, such as VUDU's streaming library of more than 50,000 titles and more than 50 popular Web applications.