Top IPTV specialists to focus on future of IPTV in Asia

Executives from Sony Pictures, FOX News, ESPN and Warner Brothers will speak during a gathering of industry specialists at the IPTV World Forum Asia in Shanghai in Sept. 27-29.

The program will feature more than 20 leading telcos discussing IPTV service deployment issues. They will include China Netcom, SMG, NTT, Reliance Entertainment, France Telecom, City Telecom, Biznet Metro, Softbank Broadmedia, PCCW, Korea Telecom, True Internet, KDDI, Chunghwa Telecom and MITV.

IPTV World Forum Asia will look at the many business considerations that will determine success or failure in Asia, including marketing, customer acquisition and customer resource management (CRM) issues.

It will offer detailed appraisals of advanced video, data and voice services for IPTV and how they can improve competitive positioning and bottom lines. It will also assess the network and technology requirements of DSL and FTTH providers.

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