Thought Equity delivers video clips faster with scalable solutions from StorageTek

StorageTek’s content lifecycle management strategy helps the stock footage company scale exponentially
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With the help of content lifecycle management solutions from StorageTek, enterprise information lifecycle management provider, Thought Equity, now gives its clients the ability to research, preview and download post-production quality video content.

The company, which needed both online and nearline access to video footage to serve its customers, uses a combination of StorageTek's information lifecycle management solutions including: L20 tape libraries with LTO Ultrium Generation tape drives; L700 tape library; FlexLine FLX280 enterprise storage system, and FlexLine FLX240 disk system (SATA) connected by a fabric switch. StorageTek also provided software from Front Porch Digital to manage media content.

The end-to-end solution enables users to download any video clip that does not require extra licensing, without human intervention.

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