The latest happenings from around the world of IPTV

Widevine Technologies receives patent
Widevine Technologies announced Feb. 20 that the U.S. Patent and Trademarking Office issued the company a new patent for selectively encrypting multimedia content.
The patent covers unique techniques for applying encryption to multimedia content so that it remains secure during storage in a VOD server, NPVR, Client PVR or PC hard drive.
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EPM Telecommunications selects TANDBERG Television for IPTV launch
EPM Telecommunications UNE has selected TANDBERG Television IPTV video headends and MPEG-4 AVC encoders for the first IPTV service in Colombia, South America.
EPM's new IPTV service will be part of its competitive triple-play package. The company will leverage the TANDBERG iPlex Video Headend Platform to provide Colombian viewers with more than 100 real-time channels and video-on-demand movies.
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Anystream purchases Cauldron Solutions
Anystream has acquired Cauldron Solutions to expand its media business beyond video production and into operations and business management.
Cauldron Solution's flagship product, known as On Demand Workflow Manager, will be reintroduced in Anystream's product line as Anystream Velocity to solve the media management problems facing today's content providers.
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Aggregator inaugurates
Aggregator has launched, its latest TV-over-broadband (TVoBB) service. offers rail enthusiasts a high-quality, downloadable, on-demand television service with immediate access to content.
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Intelsat signs Avail Media for IPTV service distribution
Avail Media has signed a contract to offer Intelsat IPTV, the satellite services company's MPEG-4 content aggregation and delivery service.
Intelsat IPTV combines the video communities on the legacy PanAmSat fleet and the technical innovation in IPTV of legacy Intelsat. The Intelsat IPTV Super Headend will offer a line-up of more than 200 video and audio channels in the MPEG-4 IP format.
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Hawaii IPTV selects NeuLion
Hawaii IPTV has chosen NeuLion's iPTV service as the platform for the first global Hawaii Television Network. Using NeuLion's iPTV platform, Hawaii IPTV will deliver a variety of Hawaii programming, in real-time and on-demand, directly to subscription and pay-for-view consumers anywhere in the world. Hawaii IPTV streams live to television.
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Med1a launches to help monetize IPTV
IPTV consultancy and technology enabler Med1a opened for business this month to help media companies and special interest groups monetize their proposition using the latest advancements and availability of IPTV.
Gary Corbett, CEO of Opera Telecom, and Jamie Branson, managing director of T2eUK, are behind the launch.
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