Sprint Nextel to assume 2GHz relocation responsibility

The merger will leave the 2GHz BAS relocation unaffected as the new merged company pledges to honor Nextel’s commitments

Sprint and Nextel Communications completed their merger transaction Aug. 12, forming Sprint Nextel Corp.

The deal, which brings together the two wireless giants with combined 2004 revenues of $40.8 billion will leave the 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service relocation work Nextel initiated after gaining approval from the FCC unaffected.

According to a statement on the 2GHzrelocaion.com Web site, “Sprint Nextel has assumed and will honor all obligations that Nextel accepted to implement the FCC's 800MHz reconfiguration plan, including the 2GHz relocation project.”

Sprint Nextel, along with its affiliates and partners, operates networks that cover about 268 million people.

For more information, visit www.2ghzrelocation.com.

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