Sprint Nextel reminds broadcasters to extend 2GHz BAS construction period

Broadcasters that will not meet the deadline for build-out of their new digital BAS facilities should file a request with the FCC seeking permission to extend the date, according to the company

Sprint Nextel has advised 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service licensees not yet ready to transition to the new band plan that they must file a request for an extension with the Federal Communications Commission if the build-out date for their station to make the transition is approaching.

The company, which is reimbursing BAS licensees for the cost of the equipment needed for the 2GHz relocation, its installation and related expenses, issued the reminder on its 2ghzrelocation.com Web site. Broadcasters filing for the BAS build-out extension should tell the commission they are filing to comply with the transition from the 1990MHz to 2025MHz to new digital technologies but that their television market or station is not yet ready for the transition. Thus, they need to seek commission approval for extending the construction period.

For more information, visit www.2ghzrelocation.com.