Spanish-language network deploys statewide point-to-point microwave network

When a major, undisclosed, Spanish-language broadcast television network was looking to create a point-to-point microwave network throughout the state of California, it turned to Vitec Group’s Integrated Microwave Technologies to design, build and install the 600mi network.

Built entirely using IMT’s RF Central GL Fixed Link Series, the newly completed network allows the broadcaster to send HD signals back and forth among its individual stations, up and down the state of California. Signals can be transported from one end of the link to another. The network is also used to send ENG anywhere along the path as a live news feed.

The microwave network supports six individual HD video streams, all running IP over the link, which can be accessed at any point on the path. Each path was simulated and set up on a test basis and was purposely broken and repaired. Once the broadcaster was confident of the systems’ reliability, the gear was put into the field.

Available in all microwave bands from 2GHz to 23GHz, the RF Central GL systems can be configured as a split indoor/outdoor or completely indoor system. From duplex systems built in a single rack unit mainframe to sophisticated hot standby diversity systems, a wide variety of modules are available. All new modules are backwards-compatible with existing systems.