Sony to add memory card recording to XDCAM

High-speed, memory card-based recording will come to Sony professional camcorders in the form of XDCAM EX later this year, if things go as planned.

The use of solid-state memory technology in Sony professional camcorders will grow out of a Memorandum of Understanding the company signed with SanDisk to develop the SxS (S-by-S) memory card specification with high-speed transfer technology compliant with the ExpressCard industry standard.

According to the companies, the SxS memory cards will target workflow improvements for professional camcorders and nonlinear video editing systems.

The SxS memory card specification uses flash memory and complies with the ExpressCard industry standard. The card connects directly to computer systems through the high-speed PCIe bus.

SxS memory cards are the first native PCIe solid-state storage media. PCIe has a maximum data transfer speed of 2.5Gb/s. The target transfer speed of SxS memory cards is 800Mb/s.

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