Sensaphonics intros 3-D system

Active ambient in-ear monitoring rolled out at NAMM.

Sensaphonics introduced its 3-D Active Ambient in-ear monitoring system at the winter NAMM show. The system adds a full-range ambient sound to the mix by embedding a highly sensitive, precision-equalized microphone within the custom-molded silicone earpieces. The ambient soundfield from the earpiece mics is routed to the 3-D body pack, where it is combined with the monitor mix at unity gain and with accurate directional cues.

The 3-D body pack acts as both preamplifier and mixer, offering the user full control of the ambient sound input level via two selectable modes. In performance mode, the mix is controlled normally, with ambient level set within the body pack by the user. In full ambient mode, the ambient sound is delivered at unity gain, effectively bypassing the earpieces, while monitor levels are dynamically reduced to allow conversation.

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