RTE, C More to use Red Bee Piero

Red Bee Media will supply Piero 3-D graphics technology to broadcasters RTE (Ireland) and C More Entertainment (Sweden).

RTE will use Piero on GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) games, the English Premier League matches, UEFA Euro 2008 and UEFA Championship League games as well as certain rugby leagues.

C More Entertainment will use Piero to enhance coverage of the Swedish domestic league (Allsvenskan) and the Barclays Premier League.

Piero is used by broadcasters to illustrate critical moments from football and rugby matches using 3-D graphics and replay them in a virtual stadium from angles that cannot be captured by conventional cameras. The technology is continuously under development with the most recent functionality introducing fully flexible 3-D players. In February, the “moveable player” feature was introduced, allowing presenters to move players with their finger on the touch screen from one area of the pitch to another.

For more information, visit www.redbeemedia.com.