RF Shorts for August 8, 2014

GatesAir Expandng TV TEM OTA DTV Network in Brazil
GatesAir announced this week that it is expanding TV TEM’s ISDB-Tb digital television network to cover an additional 139 cities in the state of São Paulo. The current installation marks the third phase of an aggressive single-frequency network (SFN) roll-out that will bring exceptional HDTV coverage to all 318 cities across São Paulo state.

Phase two of the roll-out covered the medium and high-power sites. The current phase focuses on low-power sites using high-efficiency GatesAir Maxiva UAX air-cooled and ULXT liquid-cooled transmitters ranging in power from 100 watts to 7.5 kW. The transmitters operate in a SFN using GatesAir technology to bring together signal processing transport and over-the-air delivery systems that minimize costs associated with network distribution and long-term operation.

Ewerton Maciel, engineering manager, TV TEM, said, “GatesAir is the only vendor with the proven technology to efficiently accommodate the challenging distribution architecture of our network, which constitutes a hybrid of transmitters and satellite technologies for over-the-air ISDB-Tb TV transport and delivery. GatesAir’s single-frequency network solutions bring together the low processing delay and optimal modulation error ratio required for high performance across our network, ensuring the highest quality product for viewers across the state of São Paulo.”

Joseph Mack, VP of sales, Americas for GatesAir, said, “GatesAir has enjoyed a close and long-term business relationship with TV TEM since its inception in 2003, and phase three of its DTV rollout marks a significant milestone for both TV TEM and its viewers across 139 cities. Our post-sales and support services will continue that close relationship throughout the commissioning process as TV TEM works toward completion of this substantial DTV transition.”

Mainstream Metamaterials
In an opinion piece “Metamaterials set to become mainstream” by Sarah Jayne Russell on mro-network.com, she writes, “over the past 10 years start-ups have begun to emerge exploring the potential commercial opportunities of developing such materials, backed by both private investors and national governments. According to a new report from analysts Lux Research, venture capitalists have already invested more than $100m into metamaterials companies, with governments, including the US and China, spending $200m in support of the sector.”

Anthony Vicari, lead author of Lux's report, said, “Practical implementation of these technologies depends on cost-effective manufacturing methods. As developers discover cheaper ways to produce metamaterials, they can have a disruptive impact on industries like communications, electronics, and defence.”

Russell cites the Kymeta flat, steerable satellite antenna as an example of mainstream metamaterials. The antenna depends on metamaterials for its unique properties.

Doug Lung

Doug Lung is one of America's foremost authorities on broadcast RF technology. He has been with NBC since 1985 and is currently vice president of broadcast technology for NBC/Telemundo stations.