Recording engineer swears by JBL studio monitors

Demonstrating how honesty can have its own rewards, a faithful-sounding monitor speaker is a must-have in any engineer’s tool set. Such is the case for emerging hip-hop, pop and R&B mixer Jason Goldstein, one of the most sought after mixers in the business, who brings his JBL LSR6300 Series monitors to every session in a special road case.

A Washington, D.C., native, Goldstein’s journey to the apex of music mixing began in Los Angeles as a runner and later an assistant at the legendary Ocean Way Recording, formerly United and Western Studios, where he worked for Alan Sides, George Massenburg, Ed Cherney, Jack Joseph Puig and Alan Meyerson with artists as diverse as AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac and Michael Jackson. After moving to New York, Goldstein hooked up with The Track Masters production duo Tone and Poke who were working with LL Cool J, Will Smith and a host of others. He was first exposed to the JBL LSR series monitors at the Village Recorder.

Aside from finishing up Beyoncé’s album and 10 out of 13 songs on The Roots’ “Game Theory,” Goldstein has begun work on a new project, a children’s episodic television show called “Kids Block,” a career departure for the versatile mixer. For Goldstein, the sound quality, imaging and self-powered convenience of his LSR series monitors promotes success in whatever project he undertakes.

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