Pebble Beach wins contract to supply Neptune automation to ETB

Pebble Beach Systems will supply its Neptune automation system to ETB, the public broadcaster for the Basque Country. The automation systems will form part of a total renewal of technology and change of main broadcast premises to the main city in the area, Bilbao, Spain. The ETB installation will take place in two stages and will ultimately result in a 19-channel system due for completion next summer. Phase 1 of the project will be commissioned in November. The installation will see a range of equipment controlled by the Pebble Beach Neptune, including Vizrt graphics, Grass Valley mixers, Omneon video servers, Sony Flexicarts, a Grass Valley Profile video server and an Avid Lightning stills store.

ETB will use the Pebble Beach API to create interfaces to its in-house MAM system. The Pebble Beach system will also interface to an archive library via Front Porch DIVA.

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