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Oxford Mobile TV trial shows strong consumer interest, satisfaction

Interim results from the Oxford Mobile TV trial of multichannel broadcast TV to mobile handsets have revealed a high level of consumer interest in a commercial mobile broadcasting service in the UK.

The first phase results from the Oxford Mobile TV trial, a partnership between Arqiva and O2, which offers 24-hour, live access to 16 TV channels, show that 83 percent of those participating in the trials are satisfied with the end-to-end service provided. Seventy-six percent indicate that they would subscribe to the service within 12 months. Highlights from the trial to date include indications that the 375 participants, all O2 customers representing a wide range of demographics, are choosing to access TV on their mobiles for an average of 23 minutes per session, with one to two sessions per day.

Overall, they view around an average of three hours per week, with one group of enthusiasts viewing more than five hours per week. Demand is high in the morning and in the early evening, with viewers using the service mainly in the home, at work and on the daily commute. For 31 percent, the trial has given them their first access to multichannel TV not currently available on their normal TV — heralding mobile broadcast's role in bringing digital TV services to the mass market in the UK. Interestingly, the results also demonstrate a lunchtime viewing peak higher than the normal TV pattern, suggesting that viewers are enjoying news, sports and their favorite daytime soaps while on their lunch break.

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