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Nuand Adopts Field-Programmable Chip In Its bladeRF Board

Lime Micro announced Nuand had adopted Lime for its KickStarter funded open source software defined radio platform. The Nuand SDR joins the Myriad RF and Fairwaves open source RF board launched earlier this year and this indicates that SDR technology is moving to the mainstream.

Lime said the bladeRF board is the first open source RF project to use USB 3.0. An Altera Cyclone IV FPGA and the Lime chip allow creation of exceptionally complex networks on any communications standard or frequency.

Nuand SDR boards using the Lime chip are available at The $650 bladeRFx115 can be programmed as a custom RF mode, a GSM and LTE picocell, a GPS receiver, an ATSC transmitter, or a combination Bluetooth/WiFi client without the need for any expansion card. The frequency range is 300 MHz to 3.8 GHz.

This board could be ideal for experimenting with next generation broadcast transmission standards at a reasonable price. It looks like it could also be used as an RF recorder, making it useful for field measurements.