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New government center

After five years of designing and building San Luis Obispo County, California recently moved into its new government operations center. San Francisco-based consulting firm Salter Associates designed the facility's tailored made A/V system. Local government officials wanted the facilities A/V system to work as hands-off as possible and that goal was addressed by pairing a Crestron 2 control system with a SymNet Audio Matrix from Symetrix.

Five SymNet 8x8 DSP units form the backbone of the audio system. They are responsible for massaging and directing audio traffic in a network that incorporates 36 inputs and 28 outputs. SymNet handles mixing, dynamics, equalization, routing, delay, and level control for multi-zone speech and playback reinforcement in the venue. It also interfaces with a number of outboard devices handling various archive, broadcast and production tasks.

The comprehensive audio routing and processing system can be changed via touch screens to suit the nature of the various proceedings in the Board of Supervisors Chambers. With Crestron touch screen controllers located strategically throughout the facility, users of the system now have a level of audio management and control that was impossible to achieve in the county's former offices.

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