Murphy Burns elected MSTV chairman of board

The Association for Maximum Service Television elected a new slate of officers Jan. 30, including Elizabeth Murphy Burns, who will serve as MSTV chairwoman of the board.

Burns is president of Morgan Murphy Stations and president of the Evening Telegram.

Martin Franks, executive vice president of planning policy and government relations for CBS, has been elected vice chairman.

Robert Hubbard, president and CEO of Hubbard Television Group and vice president of Hubbard Broadcasting, has been elected to serve as secretary and treasurer.

Upon assuming the position, Burns said the digital transition could suffer a setback if millions of unlicensed devices were to occupy the TV broadcast band. These unregulated, unlicensed devices “will interfere with the 73 million television sets that rely on antennas” and the digital-to-analog converters that Congress will fund.

MSTV’s mission is to address these issues and provide the government with accurate engineering analysis of the situation — a role that’s “more critical today than in past years,” she said.

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