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MSTV urges commission to reverse Wireless Bureau in Aloha matter

The Association for Maximum Service Television filed comments with the FCC March 30 objecting to the granting of a waiver that would allow a plan by Aloha Partners to roll out wireless operations that will “undermine the rights of KWBA TV’s local viewers to receive free and local over-the-air programming.”

The MSTV filing argued that the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau erred in granting an application from Aloha and a waiver that would allow Aloha Partners to operate base stations in the lower 700MHz portion of the spectrum because doing so frustrates the “underlying purpose” of Section 27.60. The filing contended that when the commission adopted Section 27.60 “it enunciated the ‘core value’ that entrants must ‘fully protect’ viewers of free, over-the-air television during the digital transition.”

The association told the commission that the bureau acknowledged that nearly 3000 viewers would experience interference if Aloha’s plans are put into effect. However, it also argued that due to an error in the manner that the affected area was defined, Aloha’s operation could interfere with 77,000 viewers.

In the filing, MSTV argued that because Aloha’s application fails to serve the public interest, the bureau “was not free to waive” the technical requirements of Section 27.60.

The association also pointed out that the bureau’s decision did not consider the harm that indoor operation of mobile return path devices could cause to viewers of any channel.

The filing asked the commission to reverse the decision of the bureau and dismiss Aloha’s application.

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