Media Bureau tally reveals more than 30,500 U.S. broadcast stations

The number of broadcast stations in the United States, including TV, radio and translator stations, reached 30,643 as of March 31, the FCC Media Bureau said this week.

The television tally reveals there were:

UHF Commercial TV stations: 1022
VHF Commercial TV stations: 360
UHF Educational TV stations: 285
VHF Educational TV stations: 107
Totaling: 1774

The figures reveal a total of 515 Class A stations — 439 of which were UHF and 76 VHF. The low power television total stood at 2172 stations, with 1656 UHF LPTV and 516 VHF LPTV stations.

The total number of television translator stations stood at 4454, of which 3043 were UHF and 1411 were VHF.