Media Bureau releases list of first-round DTV channel elections with NCAs

The FCC Media Bureau released March 1 a list of the stations participating in the first round of DTV channel elections and negotiated channel arrangements (“NCAs”).

The list identifies stations proposing an NCA as indicated on FCC Form 382, Digital Channel Election Form First Round Election, and the channel the station proposes for post-transition DTV operation in connection with the NCA.

Parties objecting to or commenting on an NCA must file their pleadings with the commission by March 15. Proponents of an NCA may file a reply to any pleading no later than March 22.

All NCAs are subject to commission approval and may be rejected if they propose the acceptance of a significant level of interference or loss of service or are otherwise inconsistent with the public interest. If the Media Bureau determines after review that the NCA reasonably could have an adverse impact on the interests of a station not a party to the NCA or is not in the public interest, it will be rejected.

Stations participating in an NCA that propose to reduce their technical operating facilities must provide the commission with the proposed technical parameters.

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For NCA pleading, reply and reduction of technical operating facility requirements and deadlines, see Dateline in this edition.

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