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MaxLinear speeds past 50 million TV tuner IC mark to standard

MaxLinear was reading a bright future as it announced having shipped more than 50 million TV tuner ICs, a future in which the fabless IC firm's standard digital CMOS-based RF/mixed-signal IC technology replaces traditional RF BiCMOS and silicon germanium-based tuner IC solutions.

The company attributes this to its success in early adopter mobile TV markets as well as in terrestrial digital TV with its set-top boxes, TV set, PCTV and automotive applications.

"Japan has been a pioneering market for mobile TV. The widespread use of mobile TV technology in Japan and Korea during live events, such as the World Baseball Classic, has demonstrated the mass-market appetite for mobile TV. This should prove enticing for mobile operators hunting for new revenue opportunities," said Kishore Seendripu, MaxLinear CEO.

All MaxLinear products are based on a standard digital CMOS architecture adapted to the performance requirements of the TV tuner market. The MxL70xx tuner family offers highly integrated, low-power, extremely small tuner ICs for ISDB-T mobile TV applications.

MxL703RM, the latest mobile TV product offering for ISDB-T markets (Japan, Brazil and Argentina), measures1.57mm by 1.57mm and uses 40mW of power. MxL70xx series tuners are available for use in cellular phones, PDAs, portable media players, portable DVD players and automobile entertainment systems.