Linear Acoustic president speaks at SMPTE Technical Conference

Linear Acoustic president and founder Tim Carroll presented a speech titled "Digital TV Audio: What Needs to Be Done to Really Make It Work" during the SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition on Oct. 26.

The SMPTE session, featuring Carroll and representatives from other leading technology developers, explored current challenges and advancements in audio for digital media, television and cinema. Carroll's presentation focused on the practical considerations in working effectively with DTV audio in a broadcast environment characterized by multiple channels, multiple formats and multiple standards.

"While the transition to digital TV has yielded greater opportunity for delivery of audio in a more dynamic and engaging manner, broadcasters are finding that the complexity of providing compelling audio also has grown," Carroll said. The goal of the session, he added, was to "provide broadcasters with a better understanding of the challenges associated with digital TV audio and offer valuable insights into how they can leverage new technologies to maximize the quality of the sound experience."

Linear Acoustic is the maker of several systems for managing multichannel audio in the broadcast chain, including AEROMAX-TV, StreamStacker, upMax and AutoNorm.

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