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LARCAN Eclipse series supports all broadcast standards

The Eclipse series fits 20kW of power in less than 25sq ft.

Based on the design of the Magnum series of digital transmitters, the 5kW to 40kW LARCAN Eclipse series of analog transmitters offers a creative design and 'bullet proof' performance.

Eclipse was developed with solid design principles in mind. It incorporates proven and innovative amplifier technologies, superior modularity, versatile air cooling and hot-pluggable PAs and power supplies.

The series’ new UHF PA module combines Magnum-inspired design with the expertise and experience of the M series transmitters. The technology includes a new stripline coupler design.

Eclipse series features:

  • Exciter delivers optimum performance for all world broadcast standards
  • RF amplifier design built upon LDMOS technology
  • Multiple regulated power supplies
  • Uniquely modular, hot pluggable, fully redundant design
  • Highly linear broadband PA modules and intuitive advanced diagnostics
  • Extensive monitoring system
  • Versatile cooling system pull-through design
  • Compact size: Fits 20kW of power in less than 25sq ft

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